Things we are good at

We specialise in what we are good at. Commercial, business and property law for commercial and select private clients. We thrive on variety within our specialties. Just ask if we can assist.

We know our capabilities and if we don’t have the in-house expertise we will be the first to tell you. We can introduce you to the external expert who best suits your needs from the network of people we regularly deal with. Horses for courses as they say. We will only stay involved if we add value.
Discretion is very important to us and for that reason we won’t list any of our clients’ names here. We can tell you they are diverse and include successful corporates, exciting entrepreneurs and interesting people we like working with.

Buy. Sell. Transact.

Transactions of all shapes and sizes are one of the core activities of our business.

  • Commercial and residential property
  • Mergers and acquisitions for business

Business Law.

We love business law too.

  • Commercial
  • Company
  • Employment
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Investment in NZ
  • Leasing
  • Structuring

Project Work.

This deserves its own heading as it is one of our core competencies.

We are very experienced in project work – both property and commercial – and know how to manage it efficiently. Investment in great IT and the utilisation of workflows keeps us a leader in this area and helps keep your costs down.

Private Clients.

We have always enjoyed working with private clients.

  • Asset protection
  • Employment
  • Investment in NZ
  • Relationship Property
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Wills


This gets it’s own heading because we do a lot of it. This is because we understand the business model well and, in all modesty, are very good at it. We are pleased to work with a significant number of leading franchisors.


In and out of court, we are always involved in mediations, arbitrations and court work at all levels. Some we do ourselves, often we work with outside counsel with the appropriate specialisation and expertise.